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Hydroponics Growing System

Hydroponics Growing System

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  • HYDROPONIC GROWING SYSTEM LETS YOU GROW YOUR FAVORITE PLANTS INDOORS - Grow garden vegetables, lush plants and herbs all year round with the Dr Goodrow home garden kit indoor system. The hydroponic kit keeps plants growing even in dark spaces, winter, and require absolutely no maintenance.
  • GROW ALL YEAR WITH A MINI HYDROPONIC SYSTEM GROWING KIT - Grow veggies and herb indoor 365 days a year! The ultra-compact, soilless indoor plant growing system uses LED planter indoor grow lights with plant and veggie pods to grow healthy produce any time of year, no matter the season.
  • THE BEST SMART GARDEN FOR BEGINNER GROWERS - No gardening experience or “green thumb” necessary with our indoor herb garden kit. Just set the hydroponics kit up and watch as your plants and herbs flourish.
  • HYDROPONIC GARDEN LED LIGHTS SIMULATE REAL, NATURAL SUNLIGHT - The Dr Goodrow mini plant grower uses energy-efficient RWB LED lights, which simulate a natural sun cycle for rapid growth. More efficient and effective than growing your plants outdoors where the weather is unpredictable.
  • COMPACT, SPACE-SAVING INDOOR HERB GARDEN WITH GROW LIGHT- The Dr Goodrow hydroponics growing system indoor garden has an ultra-portable, space-saving design that’ll fit and work perfectly as a desk, window, kitchen or countertop garden.
  • PLANT GROWING KIT WITH DISCREET, SLEEK DESIGN - The inside garden growing system has a discreet, sleek look that blends in perfectly whichever room you bring it into. The hydro garden growing kit adds a modern touch to every indoor space.
  • SOIL FREE, MESS FREE HERB GROWING KIT INDOOR SYSTEM - With the Dr Goodrow hydroponic herb garden, you can have all of the fun of growing herbs indoors with none of the mess or hassle of a soil-based garden. It's a completely soilless indoor hydroponics growing system!
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